Finding the right vet for your fur baby can be quite challenging, especially if you can’t depend on referrals from friends and family who live too far away. It’s important to choose a veterinarian that your pet is comfortable with, and with whom you are at ease as well. After all, your chosen vet is going to be part of you and your pet’s life, and is entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring your fur baby gets to live a long, healthy and happy life.

In the absence of trusted referrals, your next course of action is to do some online research or ask around your neighbourhood about recommended vets in your area. Take your time researching to ensure you find a vet you can rely on to address the healthcare needs of your pet, and make sure to consider the following factors:

1. Years of experience

A excellent and longstanding track record in veterinary care is an essential aspect of finding the right healthcare provider for your pet. With a highly experienced vet, you can depend on how much care and attention are given in checking your pet’s health and analysing all necessary laboratory samples for specific health concerns. Experienced professional vet services can also give more accurate diagnoses, and promise faster and lower risk surgical procedures so your pet can recover faster. Here’s some more info about Hilton Vet Hospital.

2. Fully equipped hospital with high standards in pet healthcare

Even the best doctors cannot provide the best service without the necessary equipment and medicine. So, when you visit a vet clinic or hospital, be sure to check or ask about their equipment (e.g. for X-ray, ultrasound, lab tests), as well as their standards when it comes to ensuring pet health.

The facility should be clean, and there should be sufficient space, so that pet patients aren’t crowded together. Nurses and staff should be friendly, accommodating, and be genuine pet lovers.

3. Family-owned practice

Although this may not be a requirement for some, we’ve found that most pet parents find family-owned and experienced vet clinics to be more caring and attentive towards their patients. And, unlike a corporate-owned veterinary practice, decision-making is faster in a family-owned clinic, as there is likely to be fewer links in the management chain. This is especially crucial in treating life-threatening diseases.

Choose Hilton Vet Hospital

Our long family legacy in the field of pet healthcare has kept the Hilton Vet Hospital going through the years. We’ve also earned a reputation for being the best vet in Fremantle, Perth.

With a combined experience spanning 70 years, Hilton Vet Hospital has probably handled all possible pet health scenarios. Our high standards in pet healthcare has enabled us to earn the trust of loving pet parents who only want the best for their fur babies (and the not-so-furry ones, too).

So, if you’re on the lookout for a vet in the Fremantle area, please contact Hilton Vet Hospital.

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