Pet Blood Tests

At Hilton Vet Hospital, we have our own in-house laboratory where we can perform pet blood tests quickly and efficiently.

Hilton Vet Hospital - Pet Blood Tests

Laboratory Tests

At Hilton Vet Hospital, we have our own in-house laboratory where we can do blood tests on your pet while you wait. The waiting time is usually about 15 minutes.

We have a state of the art Idexx Blood Machine, centrifuge and microscope to do important diagnostic blood tests, cytology, skin scrapes and urine tests on the spot. These tests are pivotal in making an accurate diagnosis.

Blood Tests

In human medicine, the patients have no choice but to have a blood test before they go for surgery. This is required to rule out underlying problems before humans have their surgery.

In veterinary medicine, it is not compulsory but highly recommended before any anaesthesia or surgery.

Hilton Vet Hospital - Benefits of Pet Blood Tests

Benefits of Pet Blood Tests

Benefits of Annual Senior Blood Test

Early detection of old age problems

Comparing results with previous years to look for trends of deterioration

Early detection can help with early use of supportive treatment

Diagnosis of disease

Benefits of Pre-anaesthetic Blood Test

Peace of mind that there are no underlying problems exist that might put the patient in danger during anaesthesia.

Early diagnosis of any underlying organ problems can help us to start with early supportive treatment.

Detection of abnormalities that might be corrected or compensated for during surgery.

Diagnosis of disease that might have gone undetected.

Hilton Vet Hospital - Pet Blood Tests

List of laboratory tests that can be performed at Hilton Vet Hospital


Study of different type of blood cells

Blood biochemistry

Study of enzymes, protein and glucose


Study of different electrolytes in the blood

Thyroid hormones

Test thyroid hormone levels

Blood smear

Study of the appearance of cells

Clotting test

Testing clotting time (rat bait, snake bite, clotting defects)

Skin scrapes

Looking for parasites like skin mites

Ear smear

Diagnosis of organisms involved with ear infections

Faecal floatation test

Look for worm eggs in faeces

Fine needle aspirate smears

Study of cells under a microscope

Urine centrifuge

Look for crystals and cells in urine sediment

Urine dipstick

Test urine pH, glucose protein etc.

Urine specific gravity

Test urine concentration

If you have any questions about the lab tests performed at Hilton Vet Hospital, please contact our friendly staff. 


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