Caring for Wildlife in Western Australia

Hilton Vet Hospital - Caring for Wildlife in Western Australia

Caring for Wildlife in Western Australia

At Hilton Vet Hospital, we would gladly treat injured wildlife. We are passionate about our native wildlife and usually treat them for no cost.

If a native wild animal or bird is brought in, we will give it the initial treatment, and if it needs ongoing care, we will pass it on to WA Wildlife who will look after it until they can safely release it back into the wild.

If you find an injured wild animal, please keep in mind that it will find human contact severely stressful. Try and keep the animal in a dark, well-ventilated container or cover it with a towel or blanket. Be aware they do bite and scratch when they are scared. Most injured wildlife will be dehydrated to some degree by the time you find it. If there is any delay in taking it to the vet, we recommend a small dish of water in the corner of the box they are in and keep the animal warm.

If the animal is not severely injured, you can take it directly to WA Wildlife on 60 Hope Road Bibra Lake.

Project Numbat

Hilton Vet Hospital supports Project Numbat. You are welcome to give a donation to Project Numbat when you visit us again or visit them on their website.

The numbat is under threat from habitat loss and introduced predators such as foxes and feral cats. With an estimated population of less than 1500 individuals, we need your help to protect the future of this unique marsupial.

Numbats are insectivores and eat an exclusive diet of termites. An adult numbat requires up to 20,000 termites each day. It is because of their diet that the numbat is diurnal and their daily activity changes throughout the year. Just as the termites become active at different times of the day depending on the season, so do numbats. In winter, numbats are active in the middle of the day, while during summer they rise earlier and try to avoid the heat of the midday sun.

For any questions about caring for wildlife, please get in touch.


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