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Hilton Vet Hospital is well known, trusted and a well-loved animal health care facility. Our vets have more than 70 years of combined experience. The dedicated, heartwarming veterinary staff provide top quality service with up to date, cutting edge equipment and knowledge. 

“At Hilton Vet, we know that when your pet is suffering, you’re stressing. Our deeply caring, professional vets share over 50 years of combined experience and know just what you’re going through.

Not only do we specialise in cruciate ligament surgery for dogs, but we also offer quality care to the more unusual and exotic pets out there.

Conveniently located on South Street in Fremantle, Hilton Vet Hospital offers Zip Pay so that money isn’t a barrier for your pet receiving the care they need.

Our one and only goal is to make sure your pets are taken care of – contact us to start the healing process.”

Dr Heinrich Van Niekerk

BVSc, Bsc (Hons)

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Dr Heinrich was born and raised in South Africa and developed a love for pets, wildlife and nature from an early age. He got happily married to his beautiful wife Cathy in 1991, the year before graduating with a veterinary degree from Onderstepoort, at The University of Pretoria in 1992.

With his passion for wildlife, Heinrich did an Honours degree in Wildlife Management in 1993, where he was involved with projects on game capture in various game parks in South Africa.

Dr Heinrich has a keen interest in orthopedic surgeries like cruciate repairs and patella luxations. He loves to treat medical conditions like skin and endocrine diseases and also provide chemotherapy options for cancer patients. He has a special interest in birds and exotic pets.

Over the years Dr Heinrich has treated a variety of birds from eagles to parrots and canaries. In support of Native Arc, Dr Heinrich loves to provide veterinary care to our wildlife.

Dr Heinrich is the owner of Izzy an adopted Greyhound, two Italian greyhounds named Maya and Daisy, and his two rescue parrots Pinkie and Koekoes.

His usual days with us are Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Dr Georgina Pritchard


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Dr. Georgina is a true Fremantle local. She grew up here and has recently returned home from living over East. Before graduating as a veterinarian from the University of Melbourne, she completed a Bachelor of Medical Science at the University of Sydney. She has previously worked in country practice and also for an emergency and critical care centre. She has two cheeky cats, Percy and Patsy. In her spare time, she enjoys swimming at the beach and horseriding. Her favourite thing about working as a vet is getting to know patients and clients well over a long period of time, and investigating challenging medical cases.

Dr. Melissa Murch


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Dr Dario Conesa


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Dr Dario graduated in Spain in 1997. He moved to Australia in 2012 when his Aussie wife, Carla wanted to return home. Dario has been working in small animal practices over the East coast, including Sydney, Newcastle and Canberra. Dario and his family moved back to Perth early 2019 and started working with us in February 2019.

Dr Dario has a special interest in orthopaedic cases and surgery. He also enjoys any type of surgery and internal medicine.

Dr Dario enjoys going to the beach with his family and spending time with his daughter. He also likes playing badminton with friends.

Now that you know a bit about us. We'd love you meet you and your pet.


Meet Our Nurses

At Hilton Vet Hospital, our lovely Vet Nurses are always ready to give you advice or assist you and your pet with any help you need. They also do Nurse Consultations like Free Optimum Pet Health Consults, Free Weight Loss Programs and Free Dental Checks.



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Piya started with us in mid-2020 for practical training while completing her Veterinary nursing qualification. After completing her course in mid-2021 she continued working with us

Prior to her Veterinary Nursing career, she graduated in 2019 from Murdoch University with a Double major in Animal Health and Animal Science. Throughout her course, she has gained invaluable experience with large and small animals. She is looking to further her career by studying Bachelors of Veterinary Science

The part that brings joy and hope to her is making a difference in the Lives of Animals. 

She has a keen interest in helping with surgical procedures, is also known for doing Anal glands, which she does happily as part of the procedures and loves interacting with clients in reception by providing the best of customer service

If she is not at work you will find her camping or exploring new places and having fun with her extended family. She shares the house with her parents and her 15 year old King Charles Cavalier-Lily

Frida Henriksson


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Since her younger age, Karina has always wanted to enter the world of animal care. After moving to Perth in 2014, she decided to channel that passion for animals through working as a Vet Nurse. She graduated from veterinary nursing in 2020.
She has a special interest in exotic pets. She also enjoys all aspects of nursing and always wants to provide the best for the clients and their pets.
In her free time, she enjoys watching a movie, spending time with her partner as well as her five beautiful cockatoos (3 cockatiels,1 major Mitchell and 1 galah): Cookie, Bailey, Yoshi, Michi and Pocky. 

Braelie-Ann Veit


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Braelie originally started at Hilton Vet Hospital as a trainee vet nurse student in 2017 and then continued working here once she was qualified in 2018. Braelie grew up on the East coast of Australia surrounded by horses, sheep and cows where she discovered her love for animals.

You will often see Braelie helping in surgical procedures and recovering patients. She particularly enjoys giving your fur baby kisses and cuddles as they recover and has a special soft spot for big fluffies such as shepherds, retrievers and collies.

When she’s not at work, Braelie enjoys running and hiking with her Swiss Shepherd “Leo” and spending time with her baby quail “Derek”.

Sarah Westwood


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Sarah grew up in the semi-rural suburbs of Perth, complete with chickens, fish and marron. She completed a triple major Bachelor of Biological Sciences degree at Murdoch University in 2015. After working for a couple of years, Sarah decided to pursue her passion for animals and commence her nursing course.

She has a keen interest in wildlife and has been volunteering once a week at Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre for over 10 years! She also volunteers as a Girl Guide Leader.

Sarah lives with her boyfriend Jayson and her adopted Greyhound “Silanah”. She has also previously owned frogs, quails, mudskippers and parrots, which may be why she enjoys nursing for exotic animals.


Testimonials About Hilton Vet Hospital

Dr Neeta was very knowledgeable, friendly and professional.

My partner and I attended 4 weeks of puppy school with Lana, our bichon/poodle mix puppy. Dr Neeta was very knowledgeable, friendly and professional. She gave useful tips, interacted one on one with each dog, and gave us fun tricks to practice at home. We really looked forward to Monday nights because puppy school was always so much fun – we laughed a lot! Lana loves coming to the vet now because she associates it to a fun and positive place. She wags her little tail every time we go to the vet – and she’s always happy, even after her vaccines! Dr Heinrich and Dr Neeta are fantastic. They treat every animal with care and take the time to explain to the owner everything they need to know. Thank you Hilton Vet Hospital!

– Chloé Dupuis

Since then I have made Hilton Vets my regular vet and I'm very glad I made the change.

was actually pretty happy with my previous vet, but when my dog needed surgery a friend suggested I get a comparison quote from Hilton Vet. I couldn’t believe the difference in price, and the staff are so friendly and knowledgeable that I don’t feel I made any sacrifice at all by switching. Because my dog will need this surgery every 18-24 months, the savings mean I can get the surgery done when he needs it and not have to delay it due to the cost. Since then I have made Hilton Vets my regular vet and I’m very glad I made the change.

– Jaye Wainwright

Dr Dario was very knowledgeable, took the time to explain Bandits injury, treatments available...

My dog Bandit was diagnosed by my local vet with a cruciate ligament injury and requiring surgery. We decided to go to Hilton as they offered a free second opinion consultation, had a positive review on Google and were reasonably priced for the surgery required.

Dr Dario looked after my dog Bandit and I during our visit.
He was very knowledgeable, took the time to explain Bandits injury, treatments available to him and the best treatment for his situation.

Because of the knowledge and experience at Hilton we found out Bandit did not require the surgery and saved my dog from getting an unnecessary surgery and a vet bill to follow.

The rest of the staff were all super friendly too. Even received a complimentary bag of treats for Bandit on our first visit.
But the personal touch I really loved the most was the take home bag with my boys picture on it.

If Hilton wasn’t an hour drive from my home, I’d be making them my new local.

– Robert Beeftink

Can’t recommend Hilton Vet Hospital enough. Me and my family have been coming here for a long time for all our pets, dogs and cats. The staff are very friendly, passionate people who treat people and animals with the utmost respect, care and dignity. Unfortunately, vet visits can be a sad experience but the kindness and compassion of all the crew at Hilton Vet Hospital make these times that little bit easier. – Lawson B., 2019

Dr Heinrich is an amazing vet. He always goes above and beyond to help not only our lovely pets but he also takes time to educate owners and answer any questions they may have in detail. My dog loves seeing him, as he has great “patient” interaction skills.

Dr Heinrich is the most compassionate, friendly and welcoming veterinarian with a great sense of humour. The team at Hilton Vets are amazing including his lovely wife. I also admire their care for Australian wildlife as well as our domestic pets. P.S his accent will be great on TV

Compassionate Vets have followed them from their last practice to Hilton Vet Hospital 10+ years. Ellen K., 2019

DR Heinrich Has such a great way of dealing with animals. His knowledge of all animals great and small is amazing. HE is such a genuine person and treats his patients as if they were his own. Our family loves Dr. HEINRICH!
Dr Heinrich is a healer – a compassionate and caring man who devotes his life to the animal kingdom. His commitment to vet science, his incredible knowledge of wildlife and the amazing work he does for Native Ark in Bibra Lake in addition to running a successful practice speaks for itself.
When our Cooper was hit by a car, our hearts were broken along with his bones. Heinrich and his staff helped carry us all through the next month. Heinrich’s considered care gave us great reassurance. His gentleness and compassion made Coop’s passing bearable. That’s one great vet!
Dr Heinrichs calm, caring nature along with his lifetime of experience makes him an exceptional vet. We feel we can really trust his work and it makes the whole process for my boyz comfortable. I am not sure I want him to win, because then he won’t be available.
We have known Heinrich for many years whilst he looked after our two precious dachshunds during their lifetime. His care and passion for animals is exceptional and we look forward to going back to Heinrich when we get our new dachshunds in the near future.
That’s it I’m off to see Dr Heinrich, you always told me sis, if I want the best I have to see the best and that’s where I’m going are you coming?
I can’t recommend Heinrich if it means he has less time to spend with us! Both my past dog and present dog adore him. He is as good with people as he is with pets of all kinds. Liz
Dr Heinrich truely loves & cares for all animals & his animal patients adore him. His volunteer work for Native Ark & passion to promote various animal causes are truely inspiring. He is very skilled, knowledgable & his experience as a vet makes him a great candidate for Bondi Vet.
My girls and I have been clients for almost 10 years, we love Dr H and his caring and calm nature, I always request him and trust him completely. He has healed my girls many times, he goes out of his way to accommodate us. He is the best!
I think Heinrich should be the next Bondivet, because he has a passion for caring, healing and helping all creatures great and small. All his experience, time, effort and energy goes into his work. I have never seen a more dedicated vet than this guy.
Dr. Heinrich is one of the most compassionate vets I’ve met. His genuine commitment to providing the best care for each patient is obvious in all the animals he treats – cats, dogs, birds, and Australian wildlife! He really can do it all.
Dr Heinrich has always had a warmth and caring compassion that exstends not only for has patients but owners alike!He goes out of his way to inform,reassure and is nothing but gentle and kind!Always have i and Minxi my cat,had superb experiences!His kindness beams out!

I was actually pretty happy with my previous vet, but when my dog needed surgery a friend suggested I get a comparison quote from Hilton Vet. I couldn’t believe the difference in price, and the staff are so friendly and knowledgeable that I don’t feel I made any sacrifice at all by switching. Because my dog will need this surgery every 18-24 months, the savings mean I can get the surgery done when he needs it and not have to delay it due to the cost. Since then I have made Hilton Vets my regular vet and I’m very glad I made the change. Jaye W., 2019

The best care for our baby!! Can’t thank them enough for the care they have shown us! Nicolle W., 2019

Dr Heinrich is the man!
A wealth of knowledge who i would recommend to anyone seeking expert veterinary care and or advice.
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