Rabbit Microchipping

At Hilton Vet Hospital, we understand how much you love your pet rabbits. That’s why we want to do everything we can to help you keep them safe.

For the whole of August, we are offering 10 per cent off the cost of having your pet rabbit microchipped with us.

Why should I have my rabbit microchipped? 

Rabbits are much-loved family pets. They’re beautiful, welcoming and very cute and cuddly! However, the vast majority of rabbits are housed in hutches in the backyard rather than inside the home.

While this is absolutely fine in places where the climate is not too cold or damp, it can cause problems when it comes to keeping an eye on your pet. Rabbits can be escape artists, and living outdoors makes it easier for your rabbit to escape from the confines of your yard.

This is why it is important to have your pet rabbit microchipped. The microchip holds all your details so that, if your rabbit does escape, they can be scanned at any veterinary hospital or animal rescue centre when they are found. You can then be contacted and be reunited with your beloved rabbit — your pet will not end up going home with anyone else.

How is my rabbit microchipped?

Microchipping is a short procedure that will not cause your rabbit any discomfort. The microchip is tiny, only about the size of a grain of rice. We insert it into the back of your rabbit’s neck via a small injection. Your rabbit can then go straight home with you.

The microchip will last for the whole of your rabbit’s life, so this is a procedure that only needs to be done once. In just a few minutes, you can protect your pet’s safety for life, and give yourself extra peace of mind that you are doing the very best for your rabbit. 

Your rabbit is in safe hands at Hilton Vet Hospital.

Hilton Vet Hospital has been operating at the heart of the Fremantle community since 2008. We understand the needs of local pet parents, and we have a highly skilled and experienced team of veterinary professionals that we are extremely proud of. Your rabbit is in the safest possible hands with us! 

While microchips for rabbits are not required by law, the extra security they give you makes it highly advisable to get your rabbit microchipped. And to help achieve this, we are also offering 10 per cent off microchips for dogs, cats and other pets for the whole of August, too!

Call us on 9331 8375 to book an appointment and take advantage of this great offer. Your pet will thank you for it!

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