Allergies In Pets

Allergies in pets can be devastating as it causes intense skin irritation. At Hilton Vet Hospital, we can help!

With the latest treatment, we can alleviate and even stop those frustrating allergies.

Five Tips To Reduce Allergies In Your Pet

1. Mediderm shampoo + Nutriderm Leave On Conditioner

2. Skin supportive diet

3. Omega 3/6

4. Cortisone/ Antihistamine / Apoqual / Atopica

5. Antibiotics / Ear medication

Food Allergies In Pets

Certain foods can cause allergies and itchy skin in pets. Beef and wheat products, like bread and pasta, are high on the list of causing allergies, but chicken and pork can also be responsible. Any of the meat proteins can potentially be the culprit.

To rule out the allergy-causing protein, we recommend a Single Protein Elimination Diet.

Single Protein Elimination Diet

Commence an elimination diet for eight weeks using any single novel protein such as kangaroo, goat, horse, ostrich, donkey, buffalo and novel carbohydrate such as sweet potato, pumpkin, kidney beans, lentils, barley.

-Treats can include dried 100% kangaroo or venison treats and fruits including pawpaw, melon, pear and Banana.

– Commercial diets: Delicate Care, Skin and stomach. Royal Canin Hypoallergenic. Prime 100

– Elimination diets need to be done with a Veterinarian’s advice and follow up to evaluate the progress.

– It is essential to be very strict and not allow your pets to have access to any other foods during the Elimination Diet trial.



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