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Rabbits face unique health challenges that often require extra care and experience. The following six topics are critical to understand and maintain to ensure your rabbit is healthy.


14Rabbit nutrition

Feeding the right diet can often prevent many issues that would need veterinary care.
– 80% Hay and grass (Timothy Hay)
– 12% Green leafy vegetables
– 6% Pellets
– 2% Treats like apple and carrots

14Rabbit Castration

Stop aggression towards other rabbits and people. Slow down the urge to escape to look for female rabbits. Stop him making female rabbits pregnant. Castration can be done from 4 months of age.

14Rabbit Sterilisation

Prevention of uterine tumours. (70% of unsterilised rabbits will develop uterine tumours by the age of 7 years). Stop aggression towards other rabbits and people. Prevents pregnancy. Best time to sterilise your rabbit is from 4 months of age.

14Blood tests

blood tests are a great way to screen for age-related problems. They give insight into how we can better teat any underlying issues.

14Rabbit Parasites 

Fleas, Rabbit Fur Mites, Rabbit Eat Mites and Maggots all affect the heath and happiness of your rabbit. The good news is, they can all be treated. 

14Rabbit Vaccination

Rabbits are vaccinated against Rabbit Calici Virus Disease (RCD). Young rabbits are vaccinated at 8 and 12 weeks of age. Research has found that the current Cylap RCD virus is effective against the new K5 Calici virus.

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“Can’t recommend Hilton Vet Hospital enough. Me and my family have been coming here for a long time for all our pets, dogs and cats.
The staff are very friendly, passionate people who treat people and animals with the utmost respect, care and dignity.
Unfortunately vet visits can be a sad experience but the kindness and compassion of all the crew at Hilton Vet Hospital make these times that little bit easier”


“Excellent veterinary service. So kind and caring. Thank you for helping my cat and sorting out her skin problem.”


“My dog Bandit was diagnosed by my local vet with a cruciate ligament injury and requiring surgery. We decided to go to Hilton as they offered a free second opinion consultation, had a positive review on Google and were reasonably priced for the surgery required.

Dr Dario looked after my dog Bandit and I during our visit.
He was very knowledgeable, took the time to explain Bandits injury, treatments available to him and the best treatment for his situation.

Because of the knowledge and experience at Hilton we found out Bandit did not require the surgery and saved my dog from getting an unnecessary surgery and a vet bill to follow.

The rest of the staff were all super friendly too. Even received a complimentary bag of treats for Bandit on our first visit.
But the personal touch I really loved the most was the take home bag with my boys picture on it.

If Hilton wasn’t an hour drive from my home, I’d be making them my new local”


“Passionate and experienced vets and nurses and competitive pricing”


“I was at Hilton vet clinic first time yesterday.
Dr. Heinrich and his stuff were so nice that honestly I felt I am at home with friends.
Dr.Heinrich was sooo thorough checking my darling Loki, what I never experienced with any other vet.
I went there with no referal from anybody, just my gut feeling and OMG i couldn’t beleive warmth and knowledge at that place.
My biggest mistake is that I didn’ t listen to my gut feeling sooner and transfer to this wonderful vet earlier.”


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FAQs about Rabbit health


How do I know if my rabbit is sick?
How much is a consult at Hilton Vet Hospital?

A standard consult at Hilon Vet is $89.00. Please note that additional services, like blood tests, treatments and medications will be in addition to the consult fee.

We always provide treatment options and will only make the recommendations based on what’s best for your rabbit.

I currently go to another vet but want to try Hilton Vet.

We’re glad to hear that you’d like to try Hilon Vet! Your pet’s medical records are important so it’s best for us to get a hold of them prior to your consult. It’s common practice for vets to pass over medical records so don’t feel bad for requesting your documents from your current vet. 

Where are you located?

Our address is 294 South Street. We’re located close to the South St. & Carrington St. intersection between the 777 Pharmacy and the squash Centre. We have plenty of parking too. 

When should I contact my local vet?

If you notice any of these signs, contact Hilton Vet Hospital, your local community vet. We’re also available for routine preventative appointments.

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